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A single call for some expert carpet cleaning might seem like the best choice when you don’t have the time or experience to take on a dirty rug or carpet. That being the case, it’s always important to keep things neat and tidy regularly. Not only does this reduce the risk of having a less than ideal living space or workplace, but it also guarantees that you won’t need the help of a capable cleaning crew as often. Following good cleaning habits for your carpet’s overall health can save you tons of money.


One of the biggest problems carpet owners will often encounter the ever-present threat of carpet and rug stains. Unlike mold or general wear and tear, stains are common occurrences that affect carpets on a near-daily basis. Whether it’s spilling coffee or tracking mud, there’s a long list of blemishes that even the most seasoned of individuals grimace at the sight of. They may exist as a reliable solution, but it’s mostly up to you to prevent the initial problems from surfacing in the first place.

Stains and Blemishes: What Carpet Cleaning Services Have to Say


Though different strains tend to require slightly different methods depending on the carpet’s material/liquid, the best way to categorize these stains is by how easy they are to resolve. You can be rid of most of these as quickly as a few minutes, while some may deem themselves to be far more stubborn than one might expect.


Fresh and Water-soluble – These are the stains you’ll be dealing with the most. Usually, these tend to be common household fluids or other such materials. Get a dry cloth, some lukewarm water, dishwashing fluid, detergents, or even vinegar, and then figure out what kind of stain it is. At this point, it’s best to immediately deal with any fresh stain because once it settles, things get far harder to deal with. As a side note, blood coagulates in warm water, so for bloodstains, in particular, you need cold water to wipe it with.


Fatty or Acidic – Fat or oil, especially if you have a carpet in the kitchen, can present a problem for the average homeowner. Ideally, the same logic applies, you can deal with these stains when they’re still fresh, but if not, then at that point, it’s often far more convenient to call in the experts instead. On the other side of the coin, pee stains from pets also become a big problem if left alone. Once the stench settles, you’ll be finding yourself without many impromptu DIY options for it.


Sticky and Stubborn – Much like how you don’t want it in your hair, no one wants gum or any material resembling it to stubbornly attach itself to the fibers of a carpet. Even when fresh, these tend to become more trouble than they’re worth, and the removal process isn’t any better either. If push comes to shove, sometimes an iron is needed to allow a person to remove better the sticky residue that has latched on to the material of your carpet.


In any case, stains come in different shapes and sizes whose effects vary depending on the kind of carpet they’re on. It does become a complete chore to deal with it independently with so many potential combinations to remember. Call it a day and get a professional instead.